pick and place machine

Pick and Place Machines

Automating boring pick and place tasks with a pick and place robots. It accelerates the method of picking items up and place them in new locations, increasing production rates.

packaging robots

Packaging robots

Packaging robots are extraordinarily versatile. With the choice of arm tooling, a robot will complete any packaging method. there's an oversized kind of robot sizes, mounting choices, payload and reach offered to settle on from.

shipping robots

Shipping robots

Transferring heavy boxes or items is possible using this machines, these robots are capable handling heavy items and, loading and unloading items in desired place.

welding robots

Welding robots

Welding robots provides accuracy and quality finished work in a fixed time. This welding robots can meet the demands, increase the production and assures the safety on every workplace.

painting robots

Painting robots

Painting robots can be easily programmed to apply coating materials to any parts of a material. With these painting machines we can now avoid accidents through inhaling hazardous chemical content.

photo recognition robots

Photo recognition robots

Identifying and precisely selecting random objects is a rare ability of robots. Our innovative technology identify unique and similar objects and pick them accurately every time.

industry pallet robots

Palletizing robots

Automating unloading and loading boxes in or from a pallet will save time and prevent accidents. This machines is made to handle all kinds of materials.

punching robots

Punching robots

Punching robots is capable of putting holes in papers, wood or steel. These robots is powerful and has speed to take every task with accuracy and excellency.

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